Richard Bryan – Managing Director

Richard has a passion for research and the way it can unite people as well as bring about positive change.

Nick Lynch – Director

One of the founding developers of the company from the mid-nineties.

Michael Fountain – Director

Specialist in Communities, Business & Enterprise.

Kerry Watson – Non-Executive Director

Kerry provides research consultancy, as well as being a Qa non-executive company director.

Research Directors

Julie Wrigley – Research Director

Julie is a highly skilled all-round researcher, adept in delivering both quantitative and qualitative research.

Nick How – Research Director

Specialist in Tourism.


Rebecca Gulc – Research Manager

Becky manages complex children and young people research projects and has a critical role in the delivery and management of Childcare Sufficiency Assessments across England.

Kay Silversides – Research Manager

Kay possesses a wide range of research and project management skills, including particular strengths in the field of qualitative research and evaluation.

Vicky Peace – Senior Research Executive

A recent addition to Qa, Vicky holds a passion for conducting research with some of society’s most vulnerable people.

Tom Ratcliffe – Senior Research Executive

Tom works on a wide range of a qualitative and quantitative research projects throughout the UK.

Miles Crosby – Senior Research Executive

Miles joined Qa in February 2013 as a telephone interviewer in our contact centre.

Jeremy Bushnell – Research Executive

Jeremy joined Qa in 2014 and has quickly developed a passion for conducting research with people in vulnerable circumstances.

Business Development

Kathrin Tennstedt – Business Development Manager

As Business Development Manager, Kathrin is responsible for generating new business leads, establishing partnerships and connecting new clients with the different research teams at Qa.


Dipesh Patel – Head of ICT Operations

Dipesh leads on all of Qa’s technology based requirements including the management of an extensive network of workstations, laptops and servers and an IP enabled telephony system.

John Lillie – Senior Data Analyst

John is highly proficient in a wide range of quantitative data analysis techniques and packages, including Askia and SPSS.

Sarah Franks – Senior Data Analyst

Sarah is highly proficient in a wide range of quantitative data analysis techniques and packages, including Askia and SPSS.

Alfie Neal – IT/Data Administrator

Alfie works alongside the Head of ICT and Data Analysts to ensure that an efficient workflow is maintained across the team, but also resolves any IT-related issues on a day-to-day basis.

Contact Centre

Helen Hardcastle – Head of Contact Centre & Fieldwork

Helen has overall responsibility for telephone and face to face research at Qa.

Paddy Norris – Contact Centre Manager

Paddy is responsible for co-ordinating the telephone research work of our trained MRS supervisors and interviewers.

Natalie Nicklin – Contact Centre Performance Manager

Natalie works alongside Qa’s Contact Centre Manager to ensure interviewers work is delivered to the highest quality.


Sarah Weller – Fieldwork Manager

Sarah is responsible for co-coordinating a team of trained MRS supervisors and interviewers throughout the UK.

Natalie Hardcastle – Fieldwork Supervisor

Natalie works alongside Qa’s Fieldwork Manager to supervise a UK-wide team of face to face interviewers.