Understanding employers’ perceptions of Southampton University

In order to understand employers’ perceptions of Southampton University, Qa Research undertook a series of qualitative interviews to inform the Southampton University employer engagement strategy. Research aims Specifically, the research explored in detail the barriers to businesses accessing the Career Destinations service to inform the delivery of this service and ensure it continued to meet… Read more »

Informing marketing plans – Business’ Perceptions of Teeside University

Teeside University required research to inform development of an approach to business marketing, positioning the university as one that will help businesses to potentially improve their competitiveness, by providing a unique combination of innovation, facilities and inspiration. Qa initially conducted research in 2013 (in partnership with TBR) to explore business use of support services provided… Read more »

Business Surveys for the London Borough of Camden

Camden Business Surveys 2012 and 2014 During the autumn of 2014 in collaboration with TBR consulting, Qa Research was commissioned to provide a repeat of Camden’s 2012 business survey that aimed to better understand the needs and satisfaction of businesses based within the Borough. Methodology The survey was completed via Qa’s telephone contact centre using… Read more »

Customer Satisfaction Monitor for the Start-up Loan Company

Customer Satisfaction Monitor The Start-up Loans Company (SULCO) provides small personal loans to people wishing to establish a new business up to a maximum of £25,000. The first loans were issued in early 2013 and since then more than 28,000 small businesses have been backed. Aims of the research In early 2014, Qa Research was… Read more »

Business Surveys for Bracknell Forest Council

Infrastructure and Skills Business Surveys Bracknell Forest Council’s newly created Economic and Skills Development Partnership (EDSP) has a remit to promote the Borough to businesses to encourage inward and re-investment, and to ensure firms are able to grow, gain the skills they need and have access to high quality infrastructure. Aims of the research In… Read more »

Syndicated Research for the Legal Profession

Great Outputs and Depth of Findings
When the York legal profession wanted to find out more about how the local public viewed them, they commissioned syndicated research from Qa Research

Perception Research for Severn Trent Water

Examining the Context for a Move to Coventry
Severn Trent Water commissioned Qa Research to discover perceptions about the company among the local community, ahead of the company’s planned move to a new central Coventry location. The company particularly wanted to understand

Research into purchasing professionals and their suppliers

Facing up to challenges
If your staff are under pressure or feel neglected, your business could suffer. That’s why understanding the challenges staff face shouldn’t be seen as just some politically correct game you have to play; in the long run it could help you meet your business objectives

Feasibility research into the needs of Housing Associations

Knowing your market
Businesses looking to expand need robust information if they are to base their decisions on evidence rather than guesswork. Feasibility research can give you vital insights into your chosen marketplace and guide your decision-making process