Evaluation of the Stoke ‘Cooperative Working’ model for Stoke on Trent Council

(in partnership with CRESR at Sheffield Hallam University) Through Cooperative Working public and voluntary services work together to deliver joined up solutions for: housing; young people’s issues; jobs and training; financial matters, healthier lifestyles; and advice and support for families. Service users have one key worker and “tell their story once” resulting in identification of… Read more »

Kingston upon Thames ‘All-in-One’ residents survey

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (RBK) commissioned Qa to undertake a borough-wide consultation, to find out what the Council does well, what it could do better and what their priorities should be for the future. The results of the research would inform the Council’s budget and service planning for the next three years…. Read more »

Colchester Borough Council – Strategic Plan 2018 Consultation

Colchester Borough Council (CBC) has recently released its Strategic Plan for 2015-2018. To support the development of the strategic plan Qa Research were commissioned to undertake a consultation with residents that would… Investigate residents’ views towards Colchester as a place – positives and negatives Uncover residents key aspirations for the Borough in the long term… Read more »

Healthier Homes Programme Evaluation

Kirklees council – Safer, healthier homes
Kirklees Council commissioned Qa Research to carry out an evaluation of the Safer Healthier Homes Programme (SHHP) which began in October 2012.
The Programme is for families with complex and multiple needs. It combines traditional family support with an accredited adult learning programme focussing on health and safety, food hygiene, and home management skills

Pressing the Right Buttons

New Users of the Internet at Older Ages
How and why would older people, who had never used the internet, attend training courses in order to gain basic online competency skills? What were their feelings before and after the training? These were the questions that Age UK posed, and they commissioned Qa to investigate

Sustainability consultation

Changing Attitudes and Behaviours of Tenants Towards Recycling, Reusing and Using Less
Part of Thames Valley Housing’s Association’s commitment to resident involvement is to ensure tenants know their views are being taken into account and that they are being listened to. To that end, they commissioned Qa Research to explore residents’ views towards energy and water use / conservation, waste and recycling

Waste and recycling research with residents and students

Overcoming the challenges faced by waste management teams
Areas with a wide variety of housing types and a large number of Houses of Multiple Occupation offer unique waste and recycling problems for local authorities. Faced with a large number of students living in a popular residential area, one of our clients needed to establish how best to overcome this challenge through research

Community cohesion research

Building on Place Survey findings
The challenge for local authorities looking to the future is how to further investigate issues raised by residents during the Place Survey research. Qualitative research helped one of our clients meet this objective and provided a boost to community cohesion work at the same time