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We provide bespoke research, insight and evaluation solutions to the public, private and voluntary sectors.

We add value to our clients by being able to give a voice to a diverse range of audiences, particularly those that are difficult to reach or seldom heard.

Some of the recent audiences that we have helped organisations to gain a better understanding of include teachers, SME employers, those in vulnerable circumstances such as homeless individuals, families in poverty or coping with debt, as well as visitors to conservation areas, hospital patients and customers of water or energy companies.

Our extensive experience and expertise in specific sectors means our researchers offer recommendations that help to take clients forward whether this is for social outputs or financial return.

We are known for our honest and open approach to clients and always aim to work in partnership with you to achieve your goals.

In 2024 we joined the EMB Group as part of our ambitious growth strategy.

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As a people focused organisation we see our colleagues, suppliers and clients as partners that all work together to achieve high calibre outcomes on all of the studies we deliver.


We offer a quality experience throughout the whole project life cycle. This is underpinned by our MRS Company Partner status, registration to ISO:20252, Cyber Essentials for data security and continued on the job and external training for staff.


Many Qa team members have more than 20 years of experience working in the research industry. This means we anticipate possible challenges that can and do arise within research projects, and are able to provide a highly informed range of solutions to ensure your objectives are achieved.


As we work extensively and continually within certain sectors, we constantly apply insights and lessons learned to any new project. Not only does this enhance every research study design, it ensures any action focused recommendations we provide are informed by a triangulation of knowledge gained from wider sector studies.