Amy Price

Education Research Manager

Amy joined Qa in August 2018 and is a Senior Education Research Executive within our educational assessment team, primarily the day-today management of our work on educational evaluations.

She holds a Masters (MPsych) in Psychology from the University of York; specialising in the assessment and treatment of Developmental Disorders such as Autism and Dyslexia. As part of her degree she administered and analysed the results of the diagnostic tools and assessment methods used by Educational Psychologists; including the YARC, WIAT, ERRNI and TOWRE amongst others.

She is experienced at complex strategic planning leading to the delivery of data collection on a large scale within short timeframes. Most recently Amy was responsible for overseeing the programme of assessment administration for our work on the evaluations of both the Tips By Text program, and the Flexible Phonics intervention.

Her experience managing school based research during the Covid-19 pandemic led to the development of new approaches to data collection in order to adapt to a rapidly changing situation whilst still delivering results on time and to target.

Contact Amy

01904 632039