An evaluation of early risk identification and intervention procedures

Targeted Youth Support 

Identifying at risk children and young people and intervening to offer them better life chances has been a critical part of the social policy agenda since Youth Matters was announced in 2005. Five years on, research has helped one of our clients to understand best practice in this field.

Evaluating the Identification Matrix (ID Matrix)

Qa was commissioned by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to undertake desk research to support an evaluation of the Identification Matrix (ID Matrix).

The matrix is one example of how local authorities can identify at risk children and young people by assessing factors including school attendance, criminal activity, family breakdown, mental health, sexual health and anger management.

The council required a report which set out good practice from other Local Authorities which have similar processes in place for the early identification of at risk children & young people aged 11 – 19.

To meet the client’s needs Qa adopted a dual methodology approach, first gathering information and documents using the Internet, and then liaising directly with local authority officers at six councils before ending the research with depth telephone interviews.

Building on best practice

Based on the desk research and  interviews, our final report set out a number of recommendations for the future development of early risk identification and intervention procedures in the East Riding region.

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