Assessing the impact of a Christmas drink-driving campaign

Is the message getting through?

For over forty years the campaign against drink-driving has remained a high-profile public policy initiative. Determined to assess the strength of its own Christmas drink-drive campaign, Essex County Council chose Qa to conduct research with residents.

Choosing the target audience

400 online interviews were conducted with Essex residents aged 18 – 25 and 50+ in line with target audience requirements. Non-drivers were included to ensure the campaign included a representative spread of the whole population.

The aims of the research included:

  • Measuring awareness levels of the campaign amongst the target audience
  • Evaluating ‘take-out’ from the campaign to establish if the key messages worked
  • Gauging the campaign’s perceived impact on driving behaviour

The main message of the campaign – ‘don’t drink and drive’ – was easily recognised by three-quarters of respondents. 95% said the council’s campaign was easy to understand, and around nine in ten agreed the campaign would make them aware of the consequences of drink driving.

Recommending policy changes

While it was agreed that future campaigns should mirror the well considered and varied media mix employed by the council, the research also produced a number of recommendations which could influence future drink-driving policy development.

Essex County Council can now use this information to plan and implement new drink-driving campaigns which keep this issue in the public’s mind.

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