Awareness and perceptions of destinations

Conducting visitor and non-visitor research

How much people know or think they know about a destination often has a direct impact on their leisure and lifestyle choices. Researching visitor and non-visitor behaviour and attitudes can help destinations understand their audiences, attract a loyal customer base and overcome barriers to visiting.

Past and present research in the National Parks

In 2003 Qa investigated visitor and non-visitor awareness levels and perceptions for the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales National Parks.

Asked to compare and contrast findings from a new round of research against the 2003 data, we mixed quantitative and qualitative research in a way that was consistent with the original methodological approach.

A total of 500 respondents were interviewed across the four catchment areas of Hull, Teesside, Vale of York and West Yorkshire. Three qualitative focus groups were also conducted with potential visitors. The groups investigated barriers to visiting and explored ways to encourage future visits to National Parks.

A platform for further development and analysis

Following qualitative and quantitative research with a range of key audiences, the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales National Parks now have concrete evidence which will guide the development of new visitor services and products.

The new research also measured progress towards the regional awareness targets set by each park in 2003 and continued the development of regional targets and business planning set out in the same year.

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