Brand perception research for Liverpool City Council

The highly competitive leisure sector is characterised by a range of providers trying to attract and retain members. Understanding user and non-user perceptions of council leisure services can guide their future development and inform future marketing strategies.

Liverpool City Council recently chose Qa Research to conduct perceptions research into its Lifestyles leisure brand by investigating:

  • Brand awareness
  • Usage of Leisure Centres
  • Brand perceptions
  • Awareness and impact of council marketing activity
  • Demographic and profiling information

5000 questionnaires were sent out to representative sample addresses in Liverpool. Each letter included a cover letter, questionnaire and a FREEPOST response envelope.

The research will help inform changes and developments to the Lifestyles offer.

For more information on our brand perception research expertise contact Nick How in Tourism, Heritage and Leisure on 01904 632039 or e-mailĀ