Branding and marketing

Standing out from the crowd

Attractions are increasingly looking for ways to develop a brand identity which resonates with target audiences, differentiates them from their competitors and helps provide direction for future plans.

Beamish North of England Open Air Museum

Qa was sub-contracted by Continuum to conduct a large scale branding research project involving: 

  • Face-to-face interviews with stakeholders
  • Focus groups with staff and current and potential visitors

The purpose of the research was to: 

  • Explore the triggers and barriers to visiting Beamish
  • Understand the visitor experience from a rational and an emotional perspective
  • Identify what Beamish offers visitors
  • Evaluate the existing promotional marketing communications
  • Uncover the brand values and brand essence of Beamish

Building the brand

Having entered a period of strategic long term planning, including future product development and marketing communications, Beamish needed to ensure that any changes remained in line with or enhanced their brand.

The research findings were used to inform the development of a Beamish branding proposition and branding tool kit. These essential ingredients will allow Beamish to communicate its features and values more effectively in the future.

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