Building on childcare sufficiency assessment research

Looking to the future

The aim of Childcare Sufficiency Assessments is to give local authorities the information they need to provide sufficient sustainable flexible childcare. This follow up research on CSAs completed by local authorities in the East Midlands set out to build on the findings and to provide a clearer understanding of the steps needed to meet the needs of older children, young people and their families.

Research with young people and parents

Commissioned by Government Office East Midlands (GOEM), this research involved direct consultation with young people aged 8 – 14 years old and their parents to identify their priorities for supervised youth provision. Specific objectives included:

  • understanding what older children and young people want from their childcare or activities, especially after school and during holiday periods
  • assessing what this means in relation to the Safe Place to Be agenda
  • evaluating parental perceptions and expectations of what should be available for their older children
  • explaining the dichotomy between the views of parents and of young people

To meet these objectives Qa designed and developed interactive discussion group materials which encouraged children and parents to talk openly about their needs.

The next steps

Armed with fresh insights into the needs of older children and young people, and the perceptions and expectations of their parents, GOEM and its partners can begin to use this information to further shape the future of childcare for older children in the East Midlands.

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