Building Schools for the Future in Gateshead

Building Schools for the Future (BSF) is a long-term programme of investment and change aimed at transforming educational standards and providing 21st century learning environments for generations of our young people.

Gateshead Council has asked Qa to consult local parents and other stakeholders about the future direction of BSF in East Gateshead. Two main options are currently being explored:

Option A: to deliver new services by remodelling two schools on existing sites

Option B: to build a single brand new school to replace the two existing schools

A postal survey to parents will be followed by workshops with parents, governors and teachers.

The research will help Gateshead Council decide which option meets the needs of the community and encourages innovative and flexible approaches to management and curriculum delivery. A Borough-wide partnership responsible for delivering young people’s educational entitlement will take the initiative forward once the research findings have been revealed.

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