Man installing solar panels on roof

Helping North East and Yorkshire (NEY) Net Zero Hub to identify opportunities to improve the delivery of future housing retrofit programmes


The North East and Yorkshire (NEY) Net Zero Hub is at the forefront of the region’s ambitious efforts to drive a low-carbon, sustainable future, with the goal of helping the UK achieve Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2050. A critical part of researching these targets and reducing carbon emissions is retrofitting existing housing stock. Recognising this, NEY Net Zero Hub provided appropriate retrofit measures to eligible households as part of a pilot scheme. To understand the scheme’s success, NEY Net Zero Hub sought to gain an evidence-based understanding of the lived experience of these housing retrofits.


Qa employed a mixed-method approach to conduct a comprehensive evaluation across the region. The process involved collaborating with specialist transport consultancy Steer to distribute a quantitative survey, which was analysed based on geographic areas, different retrofit measures, satisfaction ratings, property types and demographics to identify differences in experiences. This was supplemented with qualitative research including in-depth interviews, focus groups, and case studies, with a mix of those who rated the scheme both positively and negatively.


The insights gained and the actionable recommendations we suggested were shared with stakeholders, including Central Government, to inform national retrofit policy and guide future program development. 

Photography: Bill Mead on Unsplash