Solar panels on a roof

Helping the South West Net Zero Hub craft a Retrofit Skills Plan to tackle labour and skills shortages in the retrofit sector 


Throughout the South West, a severe shortage of individuals proficiently trained in retrofitting skills poses a significant challenge to achieving net zero targets. To meet these targets, the housing stock needs to be retrofitted, thereby decreasing carbon emissions. To address this issue, the South West Net Zero Hub wanted to identify the gaps in the supply chain and develop a Retrofit Skills Plan which could be used to help train and recruit more people to undertake retrofitting.


Working with specialist energy transitions consultancy Gemserv, Qa engaged key stakeholders involved in the retrofit supply chain across the South West. Using online focus groups and depth interviews, we gathered the expert insights of those working in a range of sectors, including further education, installation, business representative organisations and local government.


Our research uncovered the challenges facing the retrofit sector in the South West, for example the lack of coordination between installation companies and education providers. We provided recommendations that the South West Net Zero Hub could use to address the labour and skills shortage. These insights were combined with research conducted by Gemserv, and used to develop a Retrofit Skills Plan, which will be used by the South West Net Zero Hub to expand the retrofit supply chain.

Photography: Jan Van Bizar on Pexels