Communities & Local Government

Following up on Place Survey research

Moving on from “how many?” to “why?”
If you want to understand research findings, one of the best ways to do this is to choose an alternative way to engage with residents. That’s what one of our clients discovered when they decided to investigate Place Survey findings in more depth

Assessing the impact of a Christmas drink-driving campaign

Is the message getting through?
For over forty years the campaign against drink-driving has remained a high-profile public policy initiative. Determined to assess the strength of its own Christmas drink-drive campaign, Essex County Council chose Qa to conduct research with residents

Perceptions research in Leeds

Bringing cities and communities together
When Leeds City Council identified areas where residents were believed to have become disconnected from the city, the challenge for planners was clear: to establish whether this disconnection actually existed and, if so, what could be done about it.

Employee satisfaction research

Improving performance
Employees’ beliefs and attitudes often have a direct impact on the performance of the organisation they work for. Research can help you to measure employee satisfaction levels and address barriers to effective service delivery

Panels and partnership working

Encouraging involvement in local decision-making
As the ‘duty to involve’ local residents becomes an indispensable part of local democracy, innovative use of tools such as citizens’ panels will help consolidate the relationship between residents and councils