Health & Social Care

Understanding Alcohol Use and Misuse in Coventry

Working in partnership with Ask for Research we were commissioned by Coventry City Council’s Public Health team to conduct research to help understand alcohol use and misuse

Living Streets

Campaign message testing for Living Streets
Living Streets is a national charity that stands up for pedestrians by creating safe and attractive streets where it’s great to walk. They are involved in a two year mission to tackle barriers to walking and to deliver improvements to the walking environment.

Health & Wellbeing of Older People

Understanding the older population
The UK has a growing older population and this is particularly the case in West Sussex where there is a proportionately higher number of older people in the region. West Sussex NHS and the local authority wanted to find out more about the specific issues and circumstances that impact upon the health and wellbeing of older residents in the county

Mystery Customer Enquirer Research

Testing how potential customer enquiries are handled
Mystery caller research enables healthcare organisations to test whether call handlers are dealing with enquiries in the most effective manner

Chronic illness and public awareness levels in Wakefield

Investigating sensitive health problems
Overcoming ignorance and providing new information can help service providers to change public attitudes. When we are talking about illness or disease the risk of misconceptions and misunderstandings rise; research is an effective way to tackle any false impressions and get your message across