Health & Social Care

Research with young people on sexual health services

Engaging with young people
Persuading young people to engage with sexual health issues is a major public policy challenge. Targeted research can help you understand their views and create alternative services which meet young people’s needs more effectively

Patient and public involvement research

Tackling sensitive research areas
Designing research to inform future service development and delivery always requires careful planning and preparation. This requirement grows when research sets out to investigate medical needs, especially those of parents and parents to be

Sure Starts and healthy eating

A major social policy priority
Encouraging healthy lifestyles is a key Government priority as obesity levels for 2 – 10 year olds continue to rise. Researching and understanding the eating habits of families in Sure Start areas can help local partnerships to encourage healthier eating in line with the Every Child Matters agenda

Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) perceptions research in Leicester

Overcoming barriers and improving service delivery
With teenage pregnancy rates rising again, encouraging more widespread use of contraception remains a major social policy priority. Since new forms of contraception are becoming more widely available, can research demonstrate how barriers to using them might be overcome?