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Perceptions Research for Visit Kent

Re-discovering the Garden of England…
Finding out why people do – or don’t – visit an area can provide crucial information for destinations in helping them to understand and overcome any possible barriers to visiting.

Visit Kent conducted perception research 5 years ago, which provided information about visitor perceptions of Kent in general and specific destinations in more detail, focussing on the coastal areas of East Kent. Qa were commissioned in 2012 to carry out research which sought to build on the 2007 study

Mystery Customer evaluation research

Evaluating the quality and efficiency of your training
If you employ telesales staff you expect them to professionally promote your product or services, particularly if you have invested your money and time training them up. One of the most effective ways to test their performance is through mystery calls

Evaluating a National Coal Mining Museum for England Exhibition

Asking the right questions
Setting up an exhibition can be time-consuming and expensive. But it could be wasted effort and money unless your exhibition is meeting visitor needs and expectations. Research can help you determine if it is or not

Education Research for the Northumberland National Park Authority

Raising your profile
No strategy or plan exists in isolation from the people or organisations it seeks to reach and influence. The education groups market is no different. Research into this valuable income source for attractions and destinations can help you refine your marketing strategies and attract higher visitor numbers

Research into designs for the Imperial War Museum North

First impressions count
The snap judgements people make can often have a negative impact on their perception of your offer. Research can help you understand these perceptions and devise alternative ways to showcase your attraction or destination

Marketing Manchester Group Travel Research

Examining the value of the local market
Research conducted by Qa in 2009 put the estimated value of the national Group Travel market at £142m. Using a similar research methodology Qa can also assess the value of this market at a regional or local level

Customer Survey research

Knowing your audience
In 2008 Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) decided to update its visitor profile knowledge and measure the satisfaction levels of visitors. The intention was to use this information to guide future planning and development

Vision and strategy development research

Developing a new corporate vision and strategy
For over fifty years Ventures has provided Christian residential holiday breaks for young people aged 8 to 18. With increased demands on the time of volunteers and increased competition to attract young people, Ventures trustees commissioned research to inform the development of a new vision and strategy for the future

International Perceptions Survey research

Perceptions of Manchester before…
Since the 2003 launch of Destination Manchester (a five-year tourism strategy) there has been a significant increase in the number of overseas visitors to the city. In 2008, as the five-year period came to an end, it was decided to measure perceptions of overseas visitors and to compare the results with benchmark research conducted in 2004

Brand Identity research

Assessing the strength and longevity of a brand
The Visit Chester & Cheshire (VCC) brand was introduced in June 2004 following the launch of Visit Chester. Four years on, VCC decided to review the branding to see if it was still applicable or if any adjustments or tweaks were required in how Chester & Cheshire was presented from a tourism perspective