Childcare demand surveys

Engaging parents and carers

Meeting current and future childcare needs is a growing challenge for local authorities and other public sector bodies responsible for childcare provision. Talking to parents and carers and using their experiences to shape future service provision is increasingly being seen as an essential step in addressing and overcoming this challenge.

Sure Start Tameside


Sure Start Tameside commissioned Qa Research to consult local parents and carers

For the sixth year running Sure Start Tameside commissioned Qa Research to consult local parents and carers. 400 CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) surveys were completed in the afternoon and evenings to ensure as many people as possible could participate.

The survey covered a range of childcare issues, including:

  • use of formal and informal childcare
  • satisfaction levels with childcare services
  • parents’ preferred childcare options
  • awareness of play / leisure services and facilities
  • opinions on and willingness to pay for organised / supervised play sessions
  • barriers to using childcare
  • awareness of local children’s services

Assessing future demands

Sure Start Tameside is a strong believer in working with parents and children to provide flexible services which meet their needs. Our latest report contained detailed information about the challenges local families face, assessed their current and future childcare demands, and suggested improvements to help Tameside maintain and build on the customer-friendly principles the local children’s service has developed over the years.

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