Childcare Sufficiency Assessment contract awarded to Qa

Sheffield City Council has chosen Qa to conduct research designed to inform the future development of the city’s childcare services.

Following earlier research and the emergence of gaps in their understanding of the local childcare market, The Early Years Education and Childcare Service commissioned QA to:

  • investigate the use of and need for childcare amongst parents living in five specific children’s centre areas
  • consult with employment/training/regeneration organisations to establish the employment and training patterns that affect demand for childcare
  • work in collaboration with council officers to ensure this consultation is compatible with Sheffield’s Sufficiency Assessment methodology

Around 750 parental demand surveys will be completed before telephone interviews with local employers and stakeholders assess the support they give to parents and explore how the needs of the local workforce may change over the next three years.

For more information on our Childcare Sufficiency Assessment research services contact Becky Gulc on 01904 632039 or e-mail