Childminder consultation

Lancashire County Council – Childminder Consultation

What are the challenges facing parents and childminders in accessing Free Early Years Entitlement? What are parents’ perceptions of childminders – or childminders’ perceptions of them? Lancashire County Council asked Qa to find out.

Research with parents and childminders

Qa Research was commissioned by Lancashire County Council to undertake research and consultation with parents and childminders. The primary objective of the research was to gather information relating to the challenges facing parents in accessing Free Early Years Entitlement for two year olds (FEYE 2) via childminding settings. The research was also concerned with:

  • exploring parental influences on childcare choice
  • barriers preventing parents from using childminders
  • exploring how greater understanding of the role of childminders can be encouraged
  • awareness of FEYE amongst parents and childminders
  • assess the support childminders could need in order to be able to offer FEYE 2

The survey was conducted by Qa’s in-house Contact Centre using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) as the primary method for consultation. We also sent out an online survey version to help top up the sample. In total 1,055 surveys were completed with parents and a further 251 surveys by childminders.

Looking to the Future

This research has provided Lancashire County Council with a wealth of information regarding the perceptions of childminders amongst parents in the county as well as the experiences and support needs of childminders themselves.

The data will enable the council to make decisions regarding the future promotion of FEYE including emphasis on childminders as an option and the availability/potential advantages of combining provision types.

For further details please contact Kerry Watson on 01904 632039