Colchester Borough Council – Strategic Plan 2018 Consultation

Colchester Council's new strategy logo
Colchester Council’s new strategy logo

Colchester Borough Council (CBC) has recently released its Strategic Plan for 2015-2018. To support the development of the strategic plan Qa Research were commissioned to undertake a consultation with residents that would…

  • Investigate residents’ views towards Colchester as a place – positives and negatives
  • Uncover residents key aspirations for the Borough in the long term
  • Test reactions and understanding towards the Council’s initial strategic themes
  • Determine the level of priority that residents give to each of the themes and why
  • Gauge preferences towards a rage of straplines being considered by the Council

Undertaking the research

We delivered 8 focus groups covering 4 locations across Colchester. It was felt that qualitative research was best suited to this study as CBC needed to delve deeper to understand residents’ opinions, attitudes and aspirations regarding life in Colchester now and in the future. The areas of questioning focused on how Colchester could become a great place to live. We engaged a total of 50 residents covering demographics including:

  • Young people
  • Families
  • Older people
  • Those on low incomes
  • Ethnic minorities
  • Those with disabilities

Key Findings

Respondents provided views on the best and worst things about living in Colchester and what they felt the council could do to improve the area. The results have been used to inform the longer term strategy for the area which is now available for residents to read on the CBC website.

What the client said about the research:

Ann Hedges, Chief Operating Officer at CBC said:

“The consultation has been extremely useful, has been well received by Members and is certainly helping to shape the new Strategic Plan.”

Impact & Outcomes

For more detailed information about the findings of this research, and about Colchester Council’s Strategic plan, follow the links below:


If you would like more information about this project please contact or call 01904 632039