Community cohesion research

Building on Place Survey findings 

The challenge for local authorities looking to the future is how to further investigate issues raised by residents during the Place Survey research. Qualitative research helped one of our clients meet this objective and provided a boost to community cohesion work at the same time.

Improving community cohesion in Kirklees

Qa Research was asked to carry out follow up research for Kirklees Council on Place Survey results relating to Community Cohesion.  
Qualitative research was conducted to help identify ways in which Community Cohesion could be improved across certain areas.

Eight focus groups were carried out with a representative sample of local residents in these target wards.

The groups first concentrated on asking respondents to establish what the wording in the NI 1 and NI 2 Indicators means to them (e.g. their interpretation of ‘different backgrounds’ and ‘get on well’).

Then an interactive technique called LVT (Logo Visual Technology) was introduced to encourage residents to discuss what could be done locally to facilitate Community Cohesion and to stimulate further discussion.

Looking to the future

The findings are now a key part of the revised Kirklees Cohesion Strategy and will also help locality officers to target resources in their areas.

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