Connecting for Health – mystery shopping research

Giving callers the right information 

Government organisations have a duty to provide up to date and relevant information. Mystery shopping research which tests the effectiveness of call handlers can be a useful way to gauge whether they are meeting this duty or not.

Evaluating the NHS Care Record Service (NHS CRS) Service Information Line

NHS Connecting for Health asked Qa to evaluate a service which enables callers to ask questions and seek clarification regarding concerns they may have about the NHS Care Record Service (NHS CRS).

It was agreed that the Helpline would be quality assured by arranging for a number of calls to be made. Mystery callers would ask pre-defined questions and check responses against key competencies such as:

  • providing factual information in a sensitive manner
  • confident delivery of information
  • probing further to understand the concerns of callers
  • finding answers to complex questions not covered by the FAQs
  • directing callers to further sources of information

Using realistic scenarios, a rolling programme of calls to the Helpline were conducted in three phases over a two-year period.

Improving service delivery

The final report included recommended ways to improve call handling services and boost confidence in the Helpline.

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