Consultation at Children’s Centres

Providing integrated support services and information

Children’s Centres are a vital element of the Government’s “Children’s Plan” under which every child will have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Research is an excellent way to establish whether these centres are helping to meet this aim, and can provide valuable information to aid their future development.

Children’s Centres in Chadderton

Commissioned by Children’s Centres in Chadderton, part of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham in Greater Manchester, the research by Qa set out to examine:

  • current awareness of Children’s Centres
  • past and present use of existing centres
  • the demand for more services at the centre/services in their geographical location
  • what constitutes ‘ideal’ services
  • the different needs of different demographic groups
  • types of services / facilities people would like to see made available within the centres

414 surveys were completed by local parents/carers as part of the Chadderton Children’s Centre consultation.

Understanding local needs

Children’s Centre managers and policy makers in Chadderton now have a better understanding of the communities and families they serve and can devise services and facilities which will continue to meet their needs.

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