Contract to assess Stop! smoking service won by Qa

NHS Leicester has chosen Qa Research to conduct a study to understand why people don’t continue using its Stop! service for smokers.

 The research will involve telephone interviews with respondents who signed up to the service but did not complete it. It adds to the growing list of health-related projects we have completed this year.

 Crucial to the success of the research is the interviewer’s ability to rapidly establish trust and rapport with a wide range of people. Qa’s in-house contact centre team has trained our interviewers with this in mind.

 The research will help NHS Leicester understand how it can improve its service so that more people become ‘4 week quitters’.  As well as informing service delivery, the survey will also include questions that will aid the marketing and promotion of the service in the future.

 Qa is currently conducting a study on ‘Hard Core smokers’, trying to gain a more in-depth and insightful understanding of the motivations of hard core smokers.  The results of this research will be available in the New year and mix traditional research methods with semiotics (which can analyse how people interpret complex messages and experiences) to truly dig deep under the surface of this group of smokers.

 For more information on either project please contact Paul Rhodes at Qa on 01904 632039