Qa Research appointed by Government Office for the East Midlands

Government Office for the East Midlands recently appointed Qa to conduct qualitative research with children, young people and their parents.

The research will build on childcare sufficiency assessment work already carried out by Qa to provide a clearer understanding of the steps needed to meet the needs of childcare users and their families.

Discussion groups with children, young people and their parents will:

  • Explore the views of young people aged 8-14 years old
  • Investigate what these children and young people want from their childcare or activities, especially after-school and holiday periods
  • Seek to understand what this means in relation to the Safe Place to Be agenda
  • Explore parental perceptions and expectations for their older children
  • Examine the differences between the views of parents and children

The final report will set out the findings from the discussion groups and include actions and recommendations for the future development of childcare in the East Midlands.

For more information please call Angela Browne on 01904 632039 or