Customer Insight Research

Best Western – ‘Hotels with personality’

A globally recognised brand with some 280 independently run hotels in the UK, Best Western aims to provide its customers with ‘a stay that’s one to remember’, by demonstrating a commitment to quality, value, high standards of service – and a choice of hotels that are ‘packed with personality’. In order to achieve this, Best Western sought to supplement the data they already had on their customers and gain a more in-depth understanding, in order to better meet their needs.

The Aims of the research

Qa were commissioned to help Best Western establish a detailed profile of their customers, in particular:

  • What customers look for in a hotel and how Best Western satisfies these desires
  • Understand why customers choose to stay at a Best Western (and competitors)
  • Determine how customers book a stay
  • Uncover brand perceptions based on experience
  • Identify impact and influence of loyalty schemes
  • Identify competitor set used and reasons why
  • Rate how Best Western compares to other hotel providers

Completing the Customer insight research

Working closely with Best Western, researchers at Qa designed a quantitative online survey.  Best Western provided the contact data of over 500,000 corporate and leisure customers all of whom were emailed and invited to take part in the survey. It was completed by 22,795 respondents.

Research findings

Qa presented the results of the on-line survey to the senior team at Best Western in a workshop presentation.  A number of important areas were highlighted as well as a list of suggested actions. This enabled the Best Western team to look at key areas to address within the business, and gave them a much greater understanding of how different customer segments rated Best Western against competitors.

What the client said about the research

Scott Ward, Corporate Marketing Manager for Best Western said: “Qa were exceptionally knowledgeable when working with Best Western. They understood why we were carrying out the research and effectively carried this out on our behalf. We were thoroughly impressed by the way they approached the campaign as well as the way in which the information gathered was presented back.

What the Researcher said:

Nick How, Research Director at Qa said: “Everyone these days is looking for cost effective research solutions – and because Best Western could provide us with good, clean, contact data for this project, and because of the large sample size, the research could be done extremely cost effectively. What was particularly nice about this project was that Best Western were very open and honest about sharing what they already knew about their customers; because of this we could make sure that we weren’t just repeating knowledge but advancing and building on it. As a researcher it’s great when you can present something to the client which you know is commercially useful to them. At the end of the project – and as a ‘value added’ – we also managed to provide Best Western with a data file to help them cleanse their own database.