Delivering high volume tourism surveys

From a few hundred surveys to research with 10,000 visitors to Yorkshire, Qa is a recognised supplier of face-to-face research services.

Our latest project for Yorkshire Forward, the Yorkshire Tourist Board and the region’s six Area Tourism Partnerships aims to provide intelligence which informs the development of the tourism industry in Yorkshire.

The scale and complexity of the Yorkshire Regional Visitor Survey – 10,000 surveys in twelve months across a diverse region made up of contrasting urban and rural communities – has raised a number of issues for Qa and the regional stakeholders to consider:

  • Irrespective of the size of the project, the range of locations and the numbers involved, the findings must be representative
  • A reasonable length of time is required to pilot the survey and implement any necessary changes
  • 10,000 surveys requires a bigger and more flexible team capable of conducting research at over 150 locations across Yorkshire
  • There are more stakeholders than on smaller projects, each expecting different outcomes from the research
  • Similarly, the amount of data generated is greater than on low volume projects and allows for robust analysis at district level

Working together, Qa and partners agreed to:

  • Create a matrix incorporating times of year, range of locations, types of visitors, events and activities to ensure the data is truly representative
  • Run a pilot over a longer period than usual and grant sufficient time to consider its implications
  • Make best use of Qa’s in-house face-to-face interview team by cutting back on travel time and maximising the number of interviews in remote locations with overnight stays, for example at youth hostels in the Yorkshire Dales
  • Ensure stakeholders and external people/organisations interested in the findings understood what to expect from the outset
  • Investigate sub-samples and draw out valid findings from a wider range of variables

Intensive project management and a clearer focus on what is happening at a local level often means area surveys can prove or disprove what national research data is suggesting. This is certainly the case with preliminary findings from the Yorkshire Regional Visitor Survey.

Find out more about this project and the large-scale survey resources available at Qa by calling Nick How or Chantal Trembath on 01904 632039