Destined for the dole?

Thousands of young people from jobless families could be destined to join their parents in the dole queue, warns a Prince’s Trust and Qa Research report.

The study reveals that young people from workless families are significantly more likely to struggle to find a job themselves, as well as feeling far less confident about their future. According to the report, based on interviews with 2,048 16-to-24-year-olds, 70 per cent have struggled to find a job, while nearly one in five (18 per cent) expect to end up on benefits because other people around them have.

The research explores how all of this has impacted on the lives of young people. For example, one in five (20 per cent) say that seeing their parents out of work has made them anxious about finding a job. The lack of positive role models is highlighted with a quarter feeling that their parents don’t have the knowledge to help them find employment. The report contradicts the view that young people are happy to stay on the dole and poses serious questions for policy makers about how best to help this growing ‘lost generation’.

Angela Browne, Head of Children and Young People Research, Qa Research said: “Our findings are deeply concerning, both for Young People and the British economy, which needs new talent now more than ever.”

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