Education Research for the Northumberland National Park Authority

Raising your profile 

No strategy or plan exists in isolation from the people or organisations it seeks to reach and influence. The education groups market is no different. Research into this valuable income source for attractions and destinations can help you refine your marketing strategies and attract higher visitor numbers.

Probing the target audience

Qa conducted qualitative in-depth telephone interview research with Head Teachers of Primary and Middle schools throughout Northumbria.

The overall objective was to find out how much these Educational Group Organisers (EGOs) knew about the opportunities for supporting curriculum and extended schools-based learning at Northumberland National Park (NNP).

Specific objectives included:

  • testing awareness of the educational opportunities on offer at NNP
  • revealing how EGOs source and receive information about NNP
  • investigating the key triggers that prompt educational group visits to the countryside
  • exploring the key activities educational group visitors are engaged in
  • finding out how educational group experiences could be improved by NNP
  • understanding non-visitors and assessing what would encourage them to visit
  • testing the appeal of a range of potential developments at NNP

Promoting evidence-based strategy development

The findings offered clear recommendations about the best ways to overcome low awareness and usage levels. They are now helping to inform the National Park’s education strategy for the next 5 years.

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