Employee satisfaction research

Improving performance

Employees’ beliefs and attitudes often have a direct impact on the performance of the organisation they work for. Research can help you to measure employee satisfaction levels and address barriers to effective service delivery.

Understanding the concerns of employees

Organisations conducting employee research usually have to address three key areas: confidentiality, apathy and low response rates. Using our experience Qa can help clients overcome these barriers and promote positive engagement with staff.

Our clients have seen response rates and the statistical reliability of results improve after new procedures were implemented, including:

  • The use of unique Qa ID numbers to ensure personal details remain confidential
  • The option to complete the survey online via a password protected website
  • Providing a direct Qa contact for any queries
  • Ensuring all surveys were returned to Qa
  • Including a cover letter which reinforced the confidentiality guarantee
  • Extensive publicity on council sites
  • Weekly e-mail reminders throughout the fieldwork period
  • Support from trades unions and partner organisations

Building relationships

Baseline data and/or benchmarking against previous results helps you identify areas for improvement and provides tangible conclusions and recommendations you can use. One of our clients followed up their quantitative survey with four focus groups to establish the ‘why’ behind the answers from the survey. They then used the combined results to create an action plan dedicated to improving employee satisfaction. Future surveys can be benchmarked against previous results to identify the impact of this plan.

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