Energy UK – Energy Switch Guarantee Research



The Energy Switch Guarantee aims to encourage more people to switch energy suppliers. Photo credit: Joy Plumbing Ltd

In the summer of 2016 Energy UK, the trade association for UK operating energy suppliers, launched the Energy Switch Guarantee which aims to provide reassurance and increase the confidence of consumers to consider switching suppliers more frequently.

The ‘Guarantee’ offers 10 key commitments from energy suppliers’ to ensure bill payers receive a hassle free switching process.

Initial qualitative research to test wording

In order to ensure the Energy Switch Guarantee resonated with as many types of consumers as possible, Energy UK commissioned Qa Research to undertake an initial qualitative research study to:

  • Understand triggers and barriers to switching energy suppliers
  • Uncover how consumers could be encouraged to switch or switch more often
  • Test initial reactions to the Guarantee and which aspects may encourage or discourage switching
  • Review the language used and how it could be amended to encourage switching
  • Reveal extent to which the Guarantee might encourage consumers to switch

Eight focus groups were carried out across four locations in the UK to ensure that a broad spectrum of opinions and attitudes were analysed.

The outcomes of the qualitative research allowed Energy UK to tailor the wording and content of the Energy Switch Guarantee to ensure it resonated with as many people as possible.

Tracking study to measure change in awareness

Following its launch, Qa are now conducting an ongoing quantitative research tracking study with a nationally representative sample of energy bill payers using a face to face survey method, to monitor changes in the levels of awareness of the Switch Guarantee.

The survey will be repeated on a 6 monthly basis and ultimately help Energy UK to assess the impact of the Switch Guarantee in the long term.

You can find out more about the Energy Switch Guarantee here:


To find out more about the study contact or call 01904 632039.