Enterprise Week evaluation by Qa

Enterprise Week is a key national campaign aimed at fostering a culture of enterprise and entrepreneurship in the UK. The key objective is to “Encourage young people to think entrepreneurially and to get them excited about the possibilities of starting a business.” (Gordon Brown, launch of Ei campaign in 2004).

Qa, in partnership with Kate Beresford Associates, is currently carrying out an evaluation of Enterprise Week in the East Midlands on behalf of the East Midlands Development Agency (emda). The aim is to ensure that the region’s Enterprise Weeks have the widest impact and to capitalise on the national campaign.

Our evaluation will examine the impact of Enterprise Week on the East Midlands; assess what good practice can be identified and mainstreamed; and establish how the project can be developed to further integrate national activity into regional and sub-regional campaigns.

Desk research will be combined with depth interviews with 50 stakeholders from delivery agencies, strategic bodies such as emda, education business partnerships, local unis and schools.

The results of the evaluation will provide emda with robust recommendations to inform the future development of Enterprise Week and ensure the initiative has as much impact and benefit as possible.

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