Evaluating a National Coal Mining Museum for England Exhibition

Asking the right questions

Setting up an exhibition can be time-consuming and expensive. But it could be wasted effort and money unless your exhibition is meeting visitor needs and expectations. Research can help you determine if it is or not.

Evaluating the Cutting Edge Heritage Project

This National Coal Mining Museum for England (NCMME) exhibition tells the story of the British Jeffrey Diamond Company, the work of the Cutting Edge Heritage project and the engineering behind cutting coal.

Qa were asked to evaluate the exhibition’s two main areas: the Hope Store containing machinery conserved as part of the Cutting Edge Heritage project, and the Coal Interface gallery building which contains the Cutting Edge Heritage project exhibition.

The research was conducted in two parts:

  • a quantitative self completion survey handed out to visitors leaving the Hope Store
  • qualitative interviews with visitors to the Cutting Edge Heritage project exhibition

The objectives of the research included:

  • profiling visitors (demographics, visitor behaviour, type of learner)
  • evaluating their satisfaction levels
  • understanding why they visited these sections of the museum
  • judging whether the exhibition offers a learning experience

Assessing the exhibition’s success

Our report gave the NCMME a detailed visitor profile and set out what the museum is doing to successfully meet visitor needs. The report also included recommendations for the future development of the exhibition and provided robust feedback for funders to confirm the learning objectives set for the exhibition had been achieved.

For more details e-mail nick.how@qaresearch.co.uk or call 01904 632039