Evaluating cultural and tourism perceptions of Essex

Qa is now evaluating the impact of a year-long marketing campaign on perceptions of Essex.

In 2008 we conducted research into perceptions of and attitudes towards Essex. The research also benchmarked awareness of the county’s tourist offer and what the ‘real Essex’ offers day visitors or people on short breaks.

Twelve months on and Qa is running a large-scale online survey with 1600 respondents from London, the East of England, the South East and Essex itself. The intention is to establish whether perceptions of the county’s cultural and tourism offer have changed as a result of the campaign.

The research will use advertisements, covers of local guides and leaflets, and website screenshots to gauge awareness of key marketing tools aimed at visitors.

The findings will provide robust quantitative data which can help inform the development of the tourism strategy for Essex.

For more information contact Nick How, Head of Tourism and Leisure, on 01904 632039 or by e-mail: nick.how@qaresearch.co.uk