Evaluating Eastserve in Manchester

Tackling social exclusion by bringing people closer to services and opportunities is a challenge for many of our communities.

Eastserve offer subsidised PCs, internet facilities, training and access to employment opportunities for residents in east Manchester. The project’s ultimate objective is to close the digital divide and expand opportunities for local residents.

Qa is now evaluating Eastserve to assess:

  • The quality of life of current and former users
  • The economic benefit to current and former users
  • The cumulative impact on the communities involved
  • The organisation’s range of functions within the community
  • The choice-process users and non-users undertake in considering Eastserve

Qa will conduct quantitative and qualitative research with local stakeholders and users and non-users of Eastserve before submitting a report in early spring 2008.

Talking about the project, the Communities team at Qa said: “Having helped Eastserve understand its strengths in 2003, we are excited to be exploring the sustainability of the project and the impact of its outcomes at a critical point in its development.”

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