Evaluating Enterprise Week for EMDA

Encouraging entrepreneurship amongst young people

Enterprise Weeks offer a range of events and competitions designed to give young people the confidence, skills and inspiration to turn their own business ideas into reality and to work and act more entrepreneurially. Research can assess the effectiveness of Enterprise Week and reveal new ways to promote entrepreneurial activity amongst young people.

Enterprise Week in the East Midlands

EMDA, the East Midlands Development Agency, asked Qa to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign in their area.

The research included:

  • a literature and data review looking at regional policy documents and statistics and national data from GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) and Enterprise Insight
  • interviews with stakeholders and delivery staff from schools to local authorities and careers providers to examine the practicalities of delivering enterprise promotion schemes
  • and focus groups with young people and start up businesses to assess the impact of EMDA-backed enterprise schemes

The value of Enterprise Week revealed

EMDA now has robust evidence on the effectiveness of Enterprise Week in its area and the impact the programme is having on young people. The final report from Qa Research included recommended ways to use these findings to embed best practice and continue the development of such a successful programme.

For more details e-mail robin.hulme@qaresearch.co.uk or call 01904 632039