Evaluating life and living in rural Essex

Essex County Council and the Essex Rural Commission recently commissioned Qa to conduct a public opinion survey on local residents and the countryside.

The research is part of a call for evidence made by the Essex Rural Commission, an independent working group set up to examine rural issues.

Aims of the research include:

  • assessing what the Essex public thinks of the Essex countryside and what is meant by the term “countryside”
  • gauging how willing and passionate people are to preserve and protect the local countryside
  • finding out what people see as the advantages and disadvantages of living in rural Essex
  • understanding the factors which attract visitors to rural Essex
  • judging residents’ opinions on what constitutes acceptable levels of housing growth in rural areas

Our mixed methodology approach, incorporating desk research with postal and online surveys and depth interviews, will generate an accurate view of public opinion towards rural Essex and form the starting point for further analysis by the Commission.

For more information call Shonagh Cooper on 01904 632039 or e-mailshonagh.cooper@qaresearch.co.uk