Evaluating The Army’s recruitment advertising materials

Canvassing the opinions of new recruits

How and why young people choose a particular profession or job will inevitably vary according to their background and the opinions of families and friends. Since recruiting and keeping young soldiers remains a challenge, The Army decided to conduct research with new recruits to establish what influences them, their perceptions of army life, and their reasons for joining the infantry.

Using audio and visual stimuli to engage the target audience

Qa Research was commissioned to undertake this research after proposing a qualitative approach which would:

  • explore recruits’ reasons for joining the infantry
  • evaluate the main influences (family, friends, films, games, teachers, advertising, recruitment techniques)
  • broaden understanding of the perceptions of the army amongst recruits
  • analyse advertising materials and test the perceived effectiveness of this advertising among new recruits

Eight focus groups were conducted at an Infantry Training Centre (ITC) in the North of England. Trained moderators used a range of audio and visual stimuli, including print media, radio and TV adverts, and websites, to gauge the effectiveness of The Army’s message and encourage recruits to talk about their reasons for joining up.

Catching the eye of future recruits

The final report presented to The Army included recommendations for the development of future advertising literature and other marketing materials to ensure they appeal to potential recruits.

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