Evaluating the Capacity to Work Programme

Finding new and effective ways to move people off Incapacity Benefits (IB) and into work is a major social policy priority for the government. A new initiative may offer the solution policy makers are looking for.

Qa is now evaluating “Your Choices”, part of the Capacity to Work programme in Kirklees. Our research will investigate the effectiveness of extra support given to IB claimants and examine whether the support given to employers encourages them to employ former IB claimants.

Using our experience of IB research as a guide we will:

  • Conduct a review of background and statistical information, including government policy documents, relevant developments in other parts of the UK, and reports from local and sub-regional initiatives such as the EQUAL Common Ground Partnership and the Regional Economic Strategy
  • Develop discussion guides which draw on our previous experience of carrying out research with IB claimants, employers, Primary Care Trusts and delivery agencies
  • Conduct face-to-face interviews with clients and relevant stakeholders. This approach will allow us to probe individual experiences of clients and explore the reasons behind responses
  • Convene a workshop, present key findings and facilitate a discussion session in which findings are considered and recommendations formulated. The workshop will focus on developing actions which are robust and actionable.

The final report will contain detailed findings from over 50 face-to-face interviews and recommendations for the future development of IB policy.

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