Evaluating the impact of new heritage sector initiatives

Exploiting the digital age

From podcasts to virtual 3D tours of buildings/artefacts and e-commerce technology, the private sector can help museums and visitor attractions get the most from the newest digital providers/technologies.

MLA North East – Digital Services in the Cultural Sector (DiSCS)

The DiSCS initiative was established by MLA North East to provide a database and accompanying services which together would promote collaborative working between the heritage sector and commercial providers.

Qa were asked to complete a detailed evaluation of the DiSCS programme, the main objective being to evaluate the impact on: 

  • The North East Heritage Sector
  • The North East Commercial ‘Digital Media’ Sector
  • Key stakeholders (funders and partners)

The effectiveness of the management of the project and macro issues for the wider North East in terms of tourism and skills training were also investigated.

Face to face depth interviews were conducted with representatives from heritage and commercial sectors, funding bodies and project partners.

Producing an impact assessment report

The research findings have provided MLA North East and key stakeholders with a thorough detailed and independent evaluation of the project and the impact it has and is likely to have on the heritage and commercial sectors.

Our final report also provided a series of illustrated case studies highlighting the benefits of partnership working and direct involvement in the project, lessons for MLAs looking to develop similar initiatives, and recommendations for future digital services developments in the North East.

For more details e-mail nick.how@qaresearch.co.uk or call 01904 632039