Evaluation of Community Support Grants

Tackling disadvantage in rural communities

Established in 2005 The Rural Target Fund was intended to “provide investment to rural communities in order to reduce disadvantage.” More specifically it was a source of funding accessible to community groups aiming to deliver projects that contribute to social, economic, environmental and community well-being.

The extent to which the fund met these aims could only be properly assessed through research.

Using a mixed methodology approach


Working with North Yorkshire County Council Qa decided that the best way to evaluate the scheme was to devise a mix of desk research and interviews. This meant we could:

  • examine the success of the scheme by collating and analysing relevant quantitative and qualitative information
  • analyse how the application, appraisal and monitoring process worked
  • evaluate the project management of the scheme and in particular the role of North Yorkshire County Council
  • provide recommendations about how the scheme could be improved in the future highlight key success stories in the operation of the scheme

For more details e-mail robin.hulme@qaresearch.co.uk or call 01904 632039
Looking to the future

Our final report presented the key findings from the evaluation and will help the Rural Target Fund assess progress towards achieving its original targeted outputs and outcomes.