Face to face surveys (research fieldwork)

Qa Research has its own UK-wide network of experienced interviewers and recruiters. They regularly conduct high volume face-to-face quantitative surveys at locations around the country.

All are trained in strict accordance with industry standards set by Market Research Society (MRS).

All surveys are quality assured and validated according to ISO 20252 guidelines

The research fieldwork team can:

Interviewers also carry out in-depth interviews, focus group recruitment, visitor counts, panel recruitment and mystery shopping.

Some have DBS clearance for hard to reach research projects on issues where a sensitive touch is required, including:

Qa Research also has its own York-based face to face survey team. Drawn from our pool of experienced telephone interviewers and given further intensive training, this team has considerable practical experience of carrying out quantitative and qualitative research and evaluation with residents, young people, parents and visitors to tourist attractions and destinations.

A full list of organisations our interviewers have recently conducted research for is available from:

Helen Hardcastle – Research Director (Field)


01904 632039