Feasibility research into the needs of Housing Associations

Knowing your market 

Businesses looking to expand need robust information if they are to base their decisions on evidence rather than guesswork. Feasibility research can give you vital insights into your chosen marketplace and guide your decision-making process.

Introducing your services

Accord (now part of Enterprise Plc) provided maintenance services for a number of social housing organisations. The company approached Qa because it wanted to increase the number of housing associations on its books. To meet this aim Accord first needed to establish a demand for its services.

Qa conducted 24 phone interviews with housing associations across England. Each was assessed on the following criteria:

  • Whether they outsourced their repairs and maintenance service
  • How likely they were to stay with their current provider
  • The factors that influenced their choice of provider
  • Whether they requested Accord Plc literature or not

Looking to the future

The results enabled Accord to assess the viability of a campaign to attract more Housing Association customers. The company was also able to remodel its offer in line with the factors that most influenced the choice of service provider.

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