Following up on Place Survey research

Moving on from “how many?” to “why?” 

If you want to understand research findings, one of the best ways to do this is to choose an alternative way to engage with residents. That’s what one of our clients discovered when they decided to investigate Place Survey findings in more depth.

Focus group research

Qa Research undertook follow up research for City of York Council around the Place Survey results for a number of indicators.

Overall, five focus groups with local residents were undertaken. Groups were held with Established BME Communities, New BME Communities, Over 50s, 18 to 24s and a general residents group in a target area of the city.

The groups explored feelings of satisfaction to a number of indicators including NI2, NI4 and satisfaction with a number of services such as Libraries and Sports and Leisure facilities.

How the findings can be used

Our summary report will inform the development of a Community Cohesion Strategy and help drive the broader aims of the City of York Corporate Strategy 2009 – 2012.

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