Changing behaviours for a better tomorrow

Greenfluence is an advanced green-behaviour change research tool.

It delivers an in-depth understanding of the attitudes that underpin the current behaviours of your target audiences regarding consumption. It also identifies key actions to create change in favour of environmentally-friendly behaviours.

Delving deeper into why your customers hold certain perceptions and act in a particular way, Greenfluence helps you encourage them to:

Greefluence can be applied to any organisation looking to change the green behaviour of their customers.

How does it work?

Using a unique combination of sophisticated quantitative and qualitative techniques, Greenfluence offers an ongoing solution to understanding customer attitudes, recognising behaviours and then influencing those behaviours. As part of the process we provide recommendations on the key messages that would enable change to take place and then track the impact of these changes at an agreed time period.

Greenfluence Diagram

Further information

For further information contact Richard Bryan, Managing Director on 01904 632039 or email