Healthier Homes Programme Evaluation

Kirklees council – Safer, healthier homes

Kirklees Council commissioned Qa Research to carry out an evaluation of the Safer Healthier Homes Programme (SHHP) which began in October 2012. The Programme is for families with complex and multiple needs. It combines traditional family support with an accredited adult learning programme focussing on health and safety, food hygiene, and home management skills.

The purpose of the evaluation

The overall aim of this evaluation was to “undertake research and provide evidence on a range of aspects relating to the Safer Healthier Homes Programme” including such elements as:

  • identifying the nature and extent of the difficulties facing families referred onto the programme
  • the impact of each element of the SHH programme on the participating family members
  • an analysis of the potential for this approach to be applied to other client groups
  • recommendations for embedding continuing evaluation into the programme delivery

Carrying out the evaluation

The research was carried out over a four month period. The methods included: face to face interviews with six families, analysis of evaluation/assessment questionnaires completed by the families and key workers prior to, and following, completion of the programme. In addition, we conducted a number of in-depth telephone inter views with the key support workers of these families, as well as a number of home visits to carry out face to face interviews.

The Key findings

The research affirmed for Kirklees that the SHHP programme did work and they will continue to use it. It also confirmed that these families learnt better in a classroom situation rather than just talking with a support worker – it was quicker, they met people in a similar situation to themselves and the council got better results in a shorter period of time.

What the Researcher said

Kay Silversides, Research Manager at Qa, who carried out the home visit interviews said, ‘I needed to be very sensitive to the situation and be able to make observations without judgement.’

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