Improving the lives of people with multiple needs – Evaluation of Big Lottery’s ‘Fulfilling Lives’ Programme

The Big Lottery’s ‘Fulfilling Lives’ Programme aims to improve the quality of life of individuals with multiple needs in 12 areas across the UK. Individuals with multiple needs are defined as those experiencing at least two of the following – drug and/ or alcohol abuse, homelessness, re-offending and mental ill health.

Qa is working in partnership with the University of Sheffield, CFE Research and CPEA (Social Care, Children’s Services and Management Associates) to evaluate the impact of ‘Fulfilling Lives’ on service users.

Qa collects data and provides training and support

As part of the evaluation team Qa is working closely with the 12 funded ‘Fulfilling Lives’ projects across England, to carefully select, train and support ex-service users to conduct face to face interviews with current service users. Initial peer researcher training with individuals with lived experience has taken place, followed by train the trainer sessions for project staff, with a programme of 6 monthly refresher training planned for future years.

The programme will run for the next 8 years and we will be supporting peer researchers to conduct a rolling programme of surveys with individuals at each stage of their journey through the project. Our own researchers are conducting counterfactual interviews with beneficiaries of organisations in 6 areas across the UK chosen for their similarities with the 12 ‘Fulfilling Lives’ programme areas. The first interviews will take place 4-6 months after the individual has engaged with their project (or for counterfactuals, their organisation’s services) with follow-up interviews conducted 12 months and then 2 years from starting the project.

Formative and summative evaluation

All results will be provided to CFE and University of Sheffield for analysis. The evaluation will inform the ongoing design and delivery of ‘Fulfilling Lives’ and its component projects, and also assess overall achievements and value for money to inform future decision and policy making.


Sarah Weller , Fieldwork Manager at Qa for more information about this and other related projects 01904 632039