Increasing the volume of residents accessing Health Checks

Leeds City Council Public Health Team

Qa undertook a qualitative research study with Leeds residents and health stakeholders and practitioners to help understand how more residents aged over 40 could be encouraged to take up a Health Check with their GP. The Health Check aims to treat those at risk of vascular disease and to raise awareness of early signs of dementia.

The key objectives were to identify:

  • Awareness and perceptions of the Health Check
  • Barriers to accessing the Health Check
  • Reasons why certain residents went for a Health Check and how they became aware of it
  • Views towards the experience of undertaking a Health Check
  • How more residents could be encouraged to access their Health Check

We conducted eight focus groups with residents from a wide area and included a mix of demographic profiles, gender and age range. We also conducted an all-male and all-female group with the other six groups mixed gender.

In addition, we conducted six in-depth telephone interviews with practice managers, receptionists and nurses across three GP surgeries to gain their views on what could be done to improve the Health Check process and better raise awareness of it to residents.

Our report provided a series of recommendations as to how the Health Check could be better communicated so that residents could fully understand what it was and the benefits of booking an appointment with their GP to access this free service.